Introduction to Nanotechnology
Introduction to Nanotechnology

Definition of Nanotechnology:

Nanotechnology is the study of manipulating
and engineering matter on an atomic and molecular scale.

Application of silver nano particles:

  1. Cosmetics- Silver nano particles are incorporated in cosmetics for antibacterial purposes.
  2. Stain glass- Nano particle stained glass connects the medieval artisan stain glass and nanotechnology. The red and yellow colors come from the gold and silver nano particles within the glass.
  3. Stain resistance- Silver nano particles have been embedded in fabrics to remove stains. They have been applied in a thin layer over the fabric so that a stain was unable to penetrate the surface.

Photo, cosmetics
Photo, cosmetics
Stain glass window
stain resistant carpet

Uses of nanotechnology:

  1. Medicine- particles are engineered so that they are attracted to disease cells, which allows direct treatment to these cells. This technique reduces damaged cells.
  2. Textiles- silver nano particles are used in textiles to increase the resistance to bacteria and
  3. Military-The military is making advances and attempting in the near future to reduce the weight of a soldier's uniform, and increase their protection with the application of silver nano particles.
    military uniforms

Drawback of silver nano particles:

  1. Producing and applying silver nano particles in products is extremely costly.



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Drawbacks of silver nano particles

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By. Gabby Deleo, Cortney Schaaf and Brianna Checkovage