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the manipulation, engineering and design of materials or matter conducted at a molecular or atomic scale. It is the study and application of extremely small things across science fields such as chemistry, biology, physics, etc.

Applications of Nanotechnology:
1. Construction: Nanotechnology makes construction faster, cheaper, safer, and more varied. Nanotechnology construction can allow for the creation of structures from advanced homes to massive skyscrapers much more quickly and at a much lower cost. Nanomolecular structures are used to make asphalt and concrete more resistant to water.

2. Antibacterials/Medicines: Nanotechnology is applied in medicines, wound dressings, surgical masks, and surgical instruments. It is also used for bone cement.

3. Sunscreen: Many sunscreens contain nanoparticles of zinc oxide or titanium oxide. The small particles are less visible, therefore they do not create the whitish color that older larger particles do.

4. Cosmetics:Nanotechnology in cosmetics help with healing and repairing skin tissue. Smaller particles are more readily absorbed into the skin and repair damage easier and more efficiently. It prevents the graying of hair and combat hair loss.

5. Paints: Silver nanoparticles are used in paint for their antibacterial properties.

Uses of silver nanopaticles:
1. Food Storage: Bottles made with nanocomposites minimize the leakage of carbon dioxide out of the bottle.

2. Medicine: Silver nanoparticles are used in medicine and for radiation treatment to kill cancerous cells. They are used to reproduce or repair body tissue and develop treatments to replace or repair organs. Medicine can come in drug, pill, heat, or light form which reduce damage to healthy cells and allow for earlier detection of disease.

3. Baby Pacifiers: Baby pacifiers contain silver nanoparticles to resist the growth of bactieria so that it does not need to be treated with chemical disinfectants. This keeps te baby safe from potentially harmful bacteria.

4. Cosmetics: Silver nanoparticles are added into cosmetics for their highly beneficial effects in blocking ultraviolet light in sunlight.

5. Food Preservation: Silver nanoparticles are used to control microbial and biochemical reactions of the inside environment of the packaging by oxygen removal, controlled release of salts and carbon dioxide, et cetera.

Drawbacks of silver nanoparticles:
When silver nanoparticles are no longer in use, they can cause problems no longer involved in their intended roles. In the environment, they could kill good bacteria and harm living organisms. They may destroy bacteria that is used to remove ammonia form wastewater treatment systems. Also, these silver nanoparticles in consumer products could possibly be released into sewage lines and rivers, thus causing environmental problems.

1. external image z6427008X.jpg
Silver nanoparticles will make building
future skyscrapers, like these, easy.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcREGm_kEGNZqB738KGNHlkVXLQfpVBjjYZPGSm6eA8-y7YBCL-Irg
Silver nanoparticles are used in medicines and treatments
for cancer cells.

3. nanotechnology-3.jpg
This is a flexible digital screen that uses nanotechnology
called a Quick Response Liquid Powder Display.
4. external image envios-cosmetics.jpg
These are different types of cosmetics containing silver nanoparticles.

5. external image AA0CA498-BB03-6515-C25291F2F858DC6C_1.jpg
Buckets of paint containing silver nanoparticles.

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